A milestone achieved is a new path forged: Graduation of class of 2023

More than 1,400 students graduated from 32 programmes offered by FLASS this year. These included 12 taught postgraduate programmes, two PGDE and 18 bachelor’s degree programmes.

Professor Li Wai-keung, Dean of FLASS, encourages graduates to take up challenges and explore their potentials by applying the knowledge, skills and experience they have gained at EdUHK.

EdUHK President Professor John Lee Chi-kin congratulates the graduates and their families in his new capacity as the president for the first time.

Like every November and December, EdUHK’s Taipo campus was turned into a place where the joy of graduation suffuses its every corner. This year, the first Education University of Hong Kong graduation ceremony was kicked off on 25 November 2023. Three FLASS ceremony programmes were held on 9 and 16 December to celebrate the achievements that the graduates from our undergraduate and master’s degree programmes, and the Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) have made in their university studies.

In the academic year of 2022/23, more than 1,400 students graduated from 32 programmes offered by FLASS, including 12 taught postgraduate programmes, two PGDE and 18 bachelor’s degree programmes. This year, seven students from FLASS were awarded the President’s Honour title for their remarkable academic performances. There were around 900 graduates attending the three in-person ceremony programmes on 9 and 16 December, which were simultaneously broadcasted over the internet for family members and friends to witness the ceremonies outside the ceremony venue.

Dean of FLASS Professor Li Wai-keung, together with other presiding professors, officiated the three ceremony sessions. In the congratulations speech to our graduates, Professor Li Wai-keung reminded them that the graduation ceremony not only officially marked the end of their academic life at this University, but also represented the commencement of a new chapter in their lives. He said, “No matter which route you chose after your graduation, the knowledge, skills and experience you have gained at the University will remain with you always, as a compass to guide you through your journey.”

EdUHK President Professor John Lee Chi-kin came to meet FLASS graduates after the official ceremony. Professor Lee congratulated the graduates and their families in his new capacity as the president for the first time. He took photos with them at various “check-in” spots and spoke warmly with them, as well as their family and friends. Sending his blessings to all graduates, Professor Lee said, “The graduation cap and gown symbolise a new chapter in life. I hope that when facing the ever-changing social environment, our graduates can keep pace with the times, seize opportunities, contribute what they have learnt from EdUHK to Hong Kong society and the nation, and develop their full potential.”

As the official ceremony ended, graduates took photos outside of the venue with their classmates, teachers, family members, and friends. The sunlit campus was reverberated with laughter and chatter, smiles, and occasional tears of happiness from our graduates. They exchanged hugs and good wishes to congratulate each other. Many of them also followed the tradition of throwing their graduation caps in the air as a symbolic act to mark the end of their academic journey at EdUHK and FLASS.

We at FLASS are proud of all our graduates for what they have achieved after years of learning and are delighted to count them among our esteemed alumni. Professor Li wished them a bright future and said, “Even though their studies at FLASS has ended, I wish they will keep a lifetime thirst for knowledge and the desire to become a better person as they head into their next stage of life. And above all, FLASS and EdUHK will continue to support their endeavours for the many years ahead.”

Take a look at some of the joyous highlights of their graduation. Also read the stories about the recipients who received the President’s Honour award and President Professor Lee meets elite athletes graduating this year.

Ms Lin Jing, a graduate of the Master of Arts in Music Education programme, says the studies at EdUHK have expanded her understanding about music and musical pedagogy. She thanks her teacher Dr Matthew Thibeault, left, Associate Professor from the Department of Cultural and Creative Arts, for his inspirational teaching. “Professor Thibeault is a versatile musician. He uses different methods to stimulate our interest in music. He brought different kinds of musical instruments to class and showed us how to play them. He also taught us to play ukulele outside of the classroom,” says Lin Jing, now teaching mandarin, Chinese and music in a local school.

From left to right: Tsoi Yan-ting; Kirsten Beecheno, Mai Yange, all graduates of Master of Arts in STEM Education. Ms Beecheno from Australia was a full-time teacher of the primary school section of an international school in Hong Kong. At that school, she taught a range of subjects including history, geography, mathematics, science, and more. To learn how to integrate all subjects through a framework of STEM education in her teaching, Ms Beecheno decided to spend a year to study at EdUHK. “The course uses a hands-on and practical approach. I applied what I learnt from the course in my classrooms. Teachers are very knowledgeable and friendly and always ready to answer my questions,” Ms Beecheno said, showing great appreciation for what she has learnt at the University.

Ms Zahid Kinza, second from right, teaches English to both ethnic minority and Chinese kids in a local school which uses English as the medium of instruction. Ms Zahid has her bachelor’s degree in business. “I wanted to learn how to teach English. That’s why I chose the Postgraduate Diploma in Education Programme (PGDE) for primary education at EdUHK,” she says. Ms Zahid said her classmates and teachers were very friendly. “Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, most of the classes were conducted online. Now as the pandemic was over, I hope we have more opportunities to connect with each other,” Ms Zahid says.

Graduates of the Master of Arts in Mathematics and Pedagogy (MA(MP)) programme pose for a picture with their programme leader Dr Zhang Qiaoping from the Department of Mathematics and Information Technology. A majority of the graduates will continue to teach mathematics at primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong. They will use innovative pedagogical practices they learnt from the programme to teach their students mathematical concepts.

One of the climaxes of graduation celebrations is when graduates toss their graduation caps up in the air.

Bouquets of flowers and graduation mascots are the two must-have items for graduation photos.

Graduation is not only an important milestone, it is also a moment when creativity is engendered. There are FLASS graduates who use purposefully designed props to playfully pose for pictures.

Graduation is a time to take photos. Each photo, shot in a fun or serious manner, is a celebration of the graduates’ academic accomplishments, giving them life-long memories of this precious moment.