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SES scholar wins grant for microplastics research

Dr Chris Tsang Yiu-fai, Associate Professor at the Department of Science and Environmental Studies (SES) received a HK$1 million grant from the Environment and Conservation Fund to study microplastics (MPs) in sewage treatment.

In recent years, MPs have frequently been detected in raw sewage and treated effluent from wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs), which are believed to be one of the largest sources of MPs in marine environment. The team, led by Dr Tsang, is working on a two-year project titled “Identification, Characterisation, and Process Modification for Enhancing Removal Efficiency of Microplastics in Sewage Treatment Works with Different Designs in Hong Kong”. The project will develop and validate reliable and rapid MP analytical protocols to investigate the removal efficiency of MPs in local WWTPs with treatment levels and process designs and clarify the mechanisms of efficiency deterioration in various systems due to the presence of MPs.

The research outputs will also enable wastewater engineers and policymakers to gain a better understanding of the overall impact of MPs in WWTPs, and the resulting environmental risks.

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A graphical presentation of the study.