FLASS wins six awards at Geneva’s Invention Expo

EdUHK garners seven awards at the 48th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva, including six awards won by FLASS research teams.

The project led by Dr Chris Tsang Yiu-fai and his team has made significantly contributions towards the the rapid quantification of microplastics.

Nano-Sensor System for Meat and Seafood Monitoring

The Intelligent Ocular Misalignment Measurement System.

Mannequins dressed in special sportswear made especially for sitting light volleyball.

The pioneering spirit of FLASS shone bright at the 48th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva held in April, with inventions created by our researchers winning six awards at the event.

An invention created by Dr Chris Tsang Yiu-fai, Associate Professor from the Department of Science and Environmental Studies (SES), and his team members for the rapid quantification of microplastics received a Gold Medal with Congratulations of the Jury in the “Protection of the Environment – Energy” category. This marked the first time an EdUHK invention received this prestigious recognition at the Geneva event, and less than 16% of this year’s inventions were awarded this honour.

The ocular misalignment measurement system created by a team headed by Dr Fu Hong, Assistant Professor from the Department of Mathematics and Information Technology (MIT), received a Gold Medal. Four other inventions by FLASS scholars were awarded Bronze Medals. The University garnered seven awards at the event, including six awards won by FLASS research teams.

The International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva is widely regarded as one of the world’s most important events exclusively dedicated to inventions. The award-winning inventions cover a wide range of areas, including green technology, healthcare, educational technology, food safety, acoustic novelty, the metaverse, and sports innovation. This year’s exhibition was the first physical exhibition since the COVID-19 pandemic. It attracted innovations from over 42 countries and regions, featuring a total of 820 exhibits.

FLASS’s award-winning inventions are:              



Principal Investigator



Rapid Quantification of Microplastics Using Total Organic Carbon Analysis with Simple Sample Pretreatment 

An all-in-one semi-automatic sample pre-treatment device that can efficiently and accurately quantify microplastic abundance in water and slug samples.

Dr Chris Tsang Yiu-fai, SES

Gold Medal with Congratulations of Jury

An Intelligent Ocular Misalignment Measurement System

This fully automated machine measures ocular misalignment, with enormous potential to help mitigate the shortage of eye professionals and provide an objective method with high granular measurement.

Dr Fu Hong, MIT           

Gold Medal

Audio-Tactile Chinese Characters: Bringing Multisensory & Novel Learning Experience to the Visually Impaired           

Chinese radicals in several 3D tactile character models allow students to experience the structural formation of Chinese characters through touch and sound. This multi-sensory learning kit is designed to break visual and social learning barriers, especially for people with visual impairment or special needs. 

Dr Hung Keung, CCA

Bronze Medal

Nano-Sensor System for Meat and Seafood Monitoring     

A food monitoring device that offers a new and convenient way to monitor food safety, with a series of chemo sensors that can detect chemical substances released by rotting food.

Professor Stephen Chow Cheuk-fai, SES

Bronze Medal

Learningverse - A 3D Metaverse for Online Collaborative Learning         

A 3D metaverse platform that provides a custom virtual tool for online collaborative learning in school education. It allows for the customisation of avatars and mirrors users’ interactions with a computer and a webcam to enhance immersive learning.     


Dr Song Yanjie, MIT           

Bronze Medal

Sitting Light Volleyball and Its Functional Sports Garment         





Sitting light volleyball was developed to promote the physical and mental health of people with physical disabilities or older athletes. This garment solves the limitations and movement restrictions that come with such exercise.

Dr Leung Ka-man, HPE     

Bronze Medal