EdUHK students learn how to save lives at Sha Tin Fire Station

Teachers and students pose with in-service firemen before a fire engine at Sha Tin Fire Station. During a drill, firefighters put out a fire at the tower (seen behind) and rescue people trapped inside it.

In full protective gear, students learn how to use a water jet to put out a fire.

Students learn how to use a fire extinguisher.

A firefighter briefs students on the daily routine of firemen.

Broadly speaking, the purpose of life education is to guide our next generation towards developing the right attitude for appreciating, respecting, treasuring, and saving lives. That means learning the value of life through different activities, strengthening our physical and mental wellbeing on a regular basis, and protecting ourselves from potential injuries and threats to life when dealing with dangerous situations. To that end, students taking the course “GEL 1023 - Life Education Outdoor Survival Skills Development” were led to participate in and complete the Fire Safety Ambassador Scheme at Sha Tin Fire Station, so they would learn how to potentially save lives during a fire-related emergency.

On 9 and 16 February 2023, Dr Lobo Louie Hung-tak, coordinator of course GEL 1023 and Associate Head of the Department of Health and Physical Education (HPE), and Dr Claudia Wong Ming-yu, a lecturer from HPE, accompanied their students to take part in the ambassador scheme training activity at Sha Tin Fire Station. “The purpose of the activity is to disseminate information about fire protection among our students. Many of them will become school teachers after graduation. This will enable them to promote public awareness of fire safety among the younger generation,” Dr Louie said.

During the activity on both days, students learnt about the common causes of fire and corresponding precautionary measures that can be taken to make homes safer. They also had the opportunity to learn from in-service firemen about the most common fire hazards in a workplace and at home, and what the reporting procedures are when a fire occurs.

“Students were also taught what they can do to help in case a fire breaks out. They were shown fire service installations and equipment that are usually found in Hong Kong buildings. Besides being briefed about the daily routine of Hong Kong firefighters, students had the chance to try using different types of fire extinguishers too,” Dr Wong said.

Dr Claudia Wong teaches firefighters how to use techniques like self-compassion, imagery and positive self-talk to alleviate the aftershocks that come from carrying out tough and challenging duties.

Dr Claudia Wong Ming-yu, front row, second from right, delivers a sharing session on resilience and mental toughness to a group of firefighters at Shatin Fire Station on 27 February 2023.

In reciprocation of the opportunity to look closely at how a fire station is managed and the daily routine of a fireman, Dr Claudia Wong Ming-yu delivered a sharing session on 27 February 2023 for officers at the fire station.

In the sharing session entitled “Mental Preparation Strategies to Improve Firefighters’ Resilience and Mental Toughness”, Dr Claudia Wong, a former Hong Kong elite swimmer and an expert in positive psychology in education and coaching, introduced some basic mental preparation strategies to enhance a firefighter’s ability to stay focused and pay attention, as well as how to use resilient techniques like self-compassion, imagery, and positive self-talk to alleviate the aftershocks that come from carrying out tough and challenging duties in life-threatening situations.